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Our Accelerator Lab

Our "brand-new" addition to the Institute. Our Accelerator Lab A 'container' where we accelerate people, ideas, frameworks and  organizations. Donna brings her unique, tried and true approach that she uses with TED Fellows,  entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Inviting you to look at what's there and build on it.


From creating a Leadership Code to creating organizational Emerging Leaders, our workshops evolve people and the organizations they serve, whether their own businesses or a huge corporation.


For the individual, we help you...

Strengthen your Professional Presence
Take an idea and do something with it
Increase confidence
Transform your leadership
Build your 'Vocal Leadership'
Find your competitive edge through developing your 'Point of Distinction' (P.O.D.)
Project plan from an innovative perspective
Strengthen your presentation skills

Bottom line, this is Leadership Development on steroids


For the organization, we help you...

Identify the next wave of leaders (succession planning takes care of itself)
Create a 'container' where ideas can be shared, played with and potentially operationalized
Create a culture of innovation, i.e. relevant, real-world innovation
Promote a culture of excellence
Create a vehicle to launch initiatives and stay on the cutting edge of your industry
Support employees in becoming ambassadors for the organization
Grow your people, ideas, models and frameworks


Entrepeneurial Businesses

Take an idea, create a framework around it, add a business model, choose an Advisory Board (if applicable) and do whatever it takes to launch it.

It's about seeing what's already there that you haven't paid attention to, strengthening it, defining its impact on the work and, flying!

No Ceiling Just Sky™ to the 'nth' degree!

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