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Speaking and Workshops

Donna has spoken to audiences in many parts of the world from Fortune 100 companies, Universities, First Responders, the Security and Policing realm, Think Tanks, and the Business Community. 
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Brand You. How to Become More of Who You Are. Discovering your P.O.D. (Point of Distinction).

What if you dared to imagine? What if you realized your life could be as great as you imagined and then some if you just gave yourself the freedom to explore what’s possible, recognize your untapped talents, and the presence of mind to look at what you’re doing right now through new eyes? Get out of your own way and let yourself be remarkable. Your brand is your story. Make it a best-seller.

Snapshots From the Field from the Shadow Coach®

What's it like to be a Shadow Coach® in the middle of a crisis like a war, tsunami, earthquake, bombing, a plunge in the value of the dollar, a hostile takeover or a product recall? Step into Donna's shoes as she shares some stories from the field.


5 Steps to Leadership

Donna Karlin, supporTED coach, continues to challenge the TED Fellows to give themselves the freedom to explore what's possible in their leadership, projects, career and life. Donna shares her ideas of how to recognize your untapped talents and strengths, define success and its ripple effect, and pay your leadership forward.

Emerging Leaders Workshop

Where Donna's work with TED Fellows, her inCUBEatory comes together to accelerate your next wave of leadership.

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